Codzilla Blog – Boston Duck Tours Codzilla isn’t just one of Boston Harbor Cruises premier attractions, it truly is a unique “once in a lifetime experience.” This massive speedboat accelerates up to 40 mph in the Boston Harbor. It can stop on a dime and maneuver itself through the waters like nothing you’ve ever seen before. This new-age vessel is at the peak of innovation in the boating community, and guests just can’t get enough of it. Get ready as I discuss with you my own experience with this epic ride.

Codzilla Codzilla launching off for a cruise

As me and my brother were waiting in line to board the boat, we saw the joyous and satisfied faces of the lucky people that just experienced Codzilla. At that moment we looked at each other, and knew that we made the right decision to skip the beach. When I first stepped foot onto Codzilla, I knew I was in for a treat. Metallica was blasting from the waterproof speakers and immediately got my blood pumping. Before you know it, you are reversing out of the port and straight into the harbor. As we slowly glide out of the safe zone we were greeted with an amazing cruise guide that began to tell us about the scary and terrifying “Codzilla”, that is said to inhabit the waters over by Deer Island. After the guide tells us the backstory of the Codzilla, we make it out of the safe zone past a green buoy, and then the ride really begins. As the engine started revving up, it seemed as if the music was roaring in sync with the sounds coming from the beast of a boat. “Last Resort” by Papa Roach starts blasting on the speakers, so loud as if it was echoing throughout the entire harbor. We start advancing through the water at high speeds, with planes and helicopters flying right overhead.

If that’s not enough for you, the ship captain (who does a PHENOMENAL job by the way) takes your cruise to the next level. The Captain starts making quick turns and out of control spins that makes the ride that much more intense, and brings you on the edge of your seat. Oh yeah and if you don’t like getting wet, this ride probably isn’t for you. These 360 degree turns don’t come without huge splashes of water that drench the entire boat, including you. The water comes from any and all sides so be prepared to dress accordingly. On this 85 degree day however, the cold water was welcomed with open arms.

As we near Deer Island, the story of the Codzilla comes back into the fold, and the guide gives the crowd a great show. The script was created by Hollywood writers specifically for this insane ride. We continue to weave and twist through the Harbor at high speeds but now we are trying to avoid the dreaded “Mutant Codzilla.” This part of the ride adds just another layer to an already incredible attraction. As we start to near the harbor port we slow down to get a breathtaking view of the City of Boston. The view heading back is absolutely beautiful and is a calm ending to a rather exciting ride. If you haven’t been on the Codzilla yet, then make sure it’s on your to-do list for this summer!