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When my roommate invited me to go out with her and some friends to a bar downtown in Chinatown the other night, I was hesitant – living in Brighton and not feeling particularly like going all the way downtown – but trying to be a good friend and roommate I reluctantly accompanied her. When we arrived however, I was pleasantly surprised – a quirky, cozy brick-walled dining area with hip-hop music playing and Kung-Fu movies playing silently at the bar provided the perfect casual atmosphere for the 5 of us to get a table and check out the art lining the walls.

I was particularly enthralled with the massive mural taking up most of the wall. I found out that they have a new mural painted every year, but I personally loved the colors in the current one that we saw depicting an ocean scene or sorts with what looks like a pirate or sailor and a Mermaid:

According to Shojo’s Website, a “Shojo” is a Japanese sea spirit with red face and hair that has a fondness for alcohol, especially Sake. One of the restaurant’s claim to fames is its extensive list of Japanese spirits – everything from sake to Beer and lots of cocktails in between – For my drink I got “The Loneliest Monk” – Plantation 5yr Rum, Jungle Rum, Frangelico, pineapple, and lime. Served in a fun green porcelain cup and garnished with a flower, it was yummy and VERY strong so certainly worth the money. The menu is Asian-fusion with a focus on small sharable plates, tapas style. For my food, I got the duck-fat fries and the “Shojonator”: A Quarter Pounder Burger with Bacon, Pickles, and their “Kimcheese” Sauce – on a house-steamed bun. It was SO GOOD I almost cried, I loved having the Steamed Bun instead of a normal hamburger bun you might get anywhere else

Although my evening started out with me reluctantly going out for dinner with my roommate and some of her friends, it turned into a discovery of an amazing bar I probably never would have found otherwise – tucked into a crowded Chinatown street it is easy to miss, but I have found a new favorite and will definitely be bringing friends in the future.